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Osram Airzing Mini Air Purifier

OSRAM AirZing Mini In Car Air Purifier for Vehicles




MPN: AM383180155


12 Months warranty

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    Key Features:
  • Up to 99% effective removing harmful viruses & bacteria
  • Washable Filter
  • Up to 90% formaldehyde, TVOC & odour removal
  • Supplied with vent mount
  • Suitable for cars, vans & lorries
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Best In Car Air Purifier - OSRAM AirZing Mini
For such a small device it performs well above what you’d expect. OSRAM claim the AirZing Mini can clean up to 6.5 cubic meters of air an hour, which put in perspective would clean the air in a Ford Transit van cabin every 20 minutes or so.
Air purifiers are a great idea, but what about the filter I hear you say? The AirZing Mini has a removable and washable filter so it can be used over and over rather than having to consider the extra expense of buying replacement filters. 
Manufacturer Description
Using OSRAM's extensive knowledge around UV light the AirZing Mini draws in air and passes it over a Titanium Dioxide plate that combines with UV-A light to produce a photonic-catalytic reaction. This reaction removes harmful bacteria and viruses from the air. The purification process can also eliminate odors and bad smells leaving drivers with clean fresh air.
The Titanium Dioxide plate can be taken out and washed and then replaced for low level maintenance and no need to continually buy and replace filters.
Designed specifically for use within a vehicle the AirZing Mini comes with magnetic vent clips for flexible mounting positions. The USB-C supplied power cable power supply secure fitment whilst driving.
Eliminates viruses and bacteria UV LED Titanium Dioxide filter
Can effectively remove harmful virus, bacteria in the car, up to 99%*. Can effectively remove formaldehyde, TVOC and odours in the car, up to 90%*
UV-A light reacts with the titanium dioxide plate and creates a photonic catalytic reaction that cleans the air in the vehicle.
Titanium Dioxide Filter
Filters odors out of the air. Additionally, it has an antibacterial effect and is effective against certain viruses and fungi*
OSRAMs AirZing Mini In Car Air Purifier is an innovative solution to help purify the air within vehicles.
*Verified by independent laboratory testing in accordance with GB/T 18801-2015


Product information
Air Flow Rate 6.5 m³
Filter Type Nickel with Nano Coating TiO2
Number of LED 11
Electrical data
Nominal voltage 5.0 V
Power Source USB-C to USB-A
Nominal wattage 2.00 W
Noise Level (dB) <25 dB
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 50 x 80 x 80 mm (H x W x L)
Weight 220 g (approx)

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