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Cobra Full HD In Car Dash Cam + MicroSD Card

Cobra CDR 855 BT Full HD In Car Dash Cam CCTV Camera DVR Recorder + 16GB Micro SD Card





12 Months warranty

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    Key Features:
  • Front Facing Camera
  • 2.00" LCD Screen
  • MicroSD Card Storage
  • Full HD Video Capture
  • Easy Installation
  • GPS Tracking via iRadar App
  • Accessories + MicroSD Card Included
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The Cobra CDR 855 BT Dash Camera is fully featured and very easy to use. It includes a two-inch LCD screen, ultra-wide 160° viewing angle, a 16GB MicroSD card and embedded G-Sensor to automatically save and protect clips if an impact is detected.

The CDR 855 BT can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. The smartphone connection enables features including embedded GPS location, time, G-Force and speed information footage, as well as providing alerts for upcoming speed and red light cameras, live police locations and shared radar alerts from the iRadar Community.

Smartphone Enabled GPS
Embeds exact location and time into video recording when connected to the iRadar App. The free Drive HD Players allows you to view video along with location and G-Sensor information.
Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle
Films the entire road and your peripherals without edge distortion (160°).
Easy Installation
Includes Cobra dash cam, a 16GB MicroSD memory card, vehicle power adapter, and suction cup windshield mount so the unit is ready to use out-of-the-box.
Continuous Loop Recording
Footage is stored in 3, 5, or 10 minute clips. When the memory card fills up, the camera automatically deletes the oldest segment to make room for new ones.
Emergency Recording
Automatic or Manual - If you don’t want a clip to be overwritten, simply click the Emergency Recording button and the clip will be protected. Clips are automatically protected if an impact is detected.
3-axis accelerometer senses sudden accelerations, stops, and collisions and automatically protects footage surrounding the incident.
Parking Mode
While in Parking Mode, the Cobra Dash Cam will only record video when motion is detected. This feature is helpful for vehicles that have an always-on accessory port or units that are hardwired to power.
The SnapShot button is always available so that you can capture a still image at any time.
Built-in Lithium Ion Battery
Continues recording for up to 30 minutes if power is lost. (Battery performance from new, actual performance may be less)
  • Strong evidence in the event of a non-fault road traffic accident 
  • Claim settlement time improvement 
  • Improved driver behaviour 
  • Reduction in fleet costs and regulation compliance 
  • Simple installation 
  • MicroSD Card Storage 
  • Simple, quick file capture 



Battery Integrated Rechargeable Battery
Camera Resolution Front Facing Full HD 1080p @ 30fps
Display 2.00" LCD Display
Viewing Angle Front Facing 160 °
Frame Rate Full HD 30 fps, HD 60 fps
Photo Sensor 2 MP
MicroSD Card up to 32GB
Data/Time Stamp Yes
GPS via Bluetooth, Smartphone
Audio Recording Yes
Loop Recording Yes
iRadar Camera Alerts Yes
iRadar Live Community Alerts Yes
HDMI Output Yes
Parking Mode Yes (requires accessory socket to be live with ignition off or dash cam to be hardwired)
Supported Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplifed)
Powered by USB DC 5V
iRadar Smartphone App Android 5.0 or later, Apple iOS 10 or later
What's in the box
Dash Cam
16GB MicroSD Card (Inserted in Dash Cam)
Mounting Bracket
12V Power Adapter
Micro USB Cable

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