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Aficionados consider refurbished gear one of the great secrets of the tech world.
International Herald Tribune, Jan 09
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Here you will find a selection of drivers to download, or links to manufacturers download pages.

Technical Support

Acer - Acer users forum, quite handy if you've got a problem
Important Product Info - 44875 - Your HP 900 G1 Tablet has been updated to Windows 10 Pro for your convenience. HP made this tablet before they released Windows 10. One of the updates they then released on later is not compatible with the processor in some models. So we recommend you disable the Windows 10 Future Features option to ensure long service and compatibility. This will NOT prevent security updates and patches, just the large performance hungry Creator Pack and similar!
Kingston Memory configurator - An ideal place to check the memory configuration of your PC
Thomson Sagem driver downloads page - Here you will find drivers for Sagem wifi adapters

Driver Software

Kodak Easyshare Software v8.3 - Kodak Easyshare v8.3 Software for the Kodak cameras. Note: The Download Now link will download an installer file to your desktop/download area. Remain online and double-click the installer to proceed with the actual download

PC / Computing Links

Hewlett Packard - information and support for all HP products


Christmas Sale Catalogue - Our MOST up to date Catalogue.. Special Savings on superb Christmas gift ideas and offers..
Massive Kodak Clearance Sale - We have a great selection of Kodak Digital cameras at the most amazingly low prices. Download this mini brochure for more details.

Useful and Interesting Sites

Free software - This website is a great source of free software including antivirus, firewall, etc
Office Software - This piece of software is more or less identical to microsoft office. Open, edit or create word processing, excel and powerpoint docuuments and best of all it's free. Just remember when you save a new document you will need to change the file extension to a recognised microsoft file format.
The Register - latest IT and related news - good read
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