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Artis 3D Pen with Multiple Speed Settings - Green, Blue, Yellow Filaments Included

Artis 3D Pen with Multiple Speed Settings - Green, Blue, Yellow Filaments Included
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  • What It Does
  • What's Included
  • Specifications

Key Features
  • 3D designs - Draw at any angle, horizontally or vertically to create 3D designs
  • Filaments - Get a green, blue and yellow filament
  • Multiple speed settings - Choose from slow, medium and fast
  • Compatibility - Will work with most 1.75mm filaments
Artis 3D Pen Set
Create new and artistic 3D projects at the touch of a button with this 3D pen kit from Artis.
By heating plastic filament and ejecting it out of its nozzle at a controlled speed, the 3D pen allows its user to draw creative 3D designs.
Easy to Use
You can use this pen to draw at any angle, horizontally or vertically, to create 3D designs. Easy to use, simply wait for your pen to reach the correct temperature, choose your filament, and create wonderful designs.
The plastic filament quickly cools and sets into the drawn shape.
Multiple Speed Settings
The pen features multiple feeding speeds for better flexibility in 3D creations, chose from slow, medium and fast.
The slow speed setting is perfect for free-hand drawing in mid-air.
*Not suitable for children under 3 - choking hazard

One Artis 3D printing pen
Three plastic filaments (green, blue, and yellow)
One AC/DC adapter
One USB cable
One 3D printing pen stand
One user manual
One template booklet
Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Printing material: PLA, ABS
Filament temperature: ABS 210°C – PLA 190°C
Feeding speed: adjustable
Dimensions: 150.00 x 38.00 x 23.00 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 50 g
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 - choking hazard
Customer Reviews
A fun product, easy to use but needs practice,
I bought this on impulse as I've recently bought a 3d printer. This uses the same 1.75mm PLA filament, so I wondered how well it works. From a purely technical point of view it's great. it heats up quite quickly and the filament is extruded quickly (a bit too quickly for real control unless you select the slowest of the three speeds. As they suggest, you really need a template to follow, and a VERY steady hand. It's a good idea to put the template under a sheet of glass (minimum 3mm, ideally toughened. The extruded filament should stick well to glass while you work, and the finished piece should lift off easily. It's not really suitable for younger children, but older children will enjoy using it (With adult supervision as the tip gets very hot (180 C up to about 240C - oven heat!).

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