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Aficionados consider refurbished gear one of the great secrets of the tech world.
International Herald Tribune, Jan 09
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Parrot Swing Quadcopter Minidrone

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Parrot Swing Quadcopter Minidrone
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mfr's model # PF727003
Condition: New
Warranty: 12 Months warranty
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The first Minidrone aeroplane with vertical take-off and landing
Discover the Parrot SWING, designed to teach piloting and enable everyone to feel like a pro in no time.
With the Parrot SWING, easily pilot a plane, or a manoeuvrable quadcopter (drone).
Minidrone at its best!
Parrot SWING can be flown indoors and outdoors, alone or with friends, and is easily controlled with Parrot Flypad controller, a smartphone or a tablet.
Parrot SWING, with high-tech sensors and software, is one of the most stable quadcopters and plane on the market.
A unique plane with unique shape
The X-shape is the result of an aeronautical conception allowing Parrot SWING to be the only drone to fly horizontally or vertically.
With a simple glide, transform your drone into a plane and do aerobatics never seen on the market (Looping, barrel roll…) at high-speed.
Looking for a rest? Easy get into quad mode to stabilise your drone.
Dual Flight mode: designed for aerial acrobatics and races between obstacles.
Easy transition
  • No inverted controls when drone is on the back.
  • Transition with one button on Parrot Flypad or with a simple glide on app.
Quad mode
  • Unique position to take-off/land
  • Easy switch to quad mode for optimal stability & ease of use


Plane mode
  • Horizontal position bringing high-speed and reactivity
  • Up to 30km/h - 19mph
  • Looping, Barell roll…
2 piloting remotes options:
FreeFlight Mini app: dedicated to Parrot Minidrone
  • Free application
  • Bluetooth smart compatibility
  • Intuitive interface, easy first connection
  • Control your drone, easy mode switching
  • Adapt the controls and settings to your level
Parrot Flypad: High precision controller
  • Optimised range : 60M
  • Control your drone directly
  • 6H autonomy/ 1H30 charging time
  • Smartphone optional (for more settings and infos on drone)

Stabilisation sensors in quad mode
Intertial Measurement Unit to evaluate speed and tilt
(3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope)
Vertical stabilisation:
Ultrasound sensor
Pressure sensor
Horizontal stabilisation:
Camera sensor
Ultrasound sensor
Pressure sensor
550mA LiPo Battery
7 min autonomy in quad mode
8.30 min autonomy in plane mode
30min charging time with a 2,1A charger
Aeronautical conception:
Stabilisation and flight control software
Optimised Weight/Speed ratio
X shape in Polypropylene for optimised lift
Speed measurement (in quad mode):
60 FPS vertical camera
Camera (in all modes): 300 000 pixels Dronies
Remote distance:
20 m with smartphone
60m with Parrot FLYPAD
Weight: 73gr
Dimensions: 325*126(height)*(121mm depth)
OS compatibility:
iOS 7
Android 4.3
SDK: Yes. on
550mA LiPo Battery
6h autonomy
2h charging time with a 2.1A charger
60m range
Stable signal
Automatic connection (direct connection)
Remote distance:
20 m with smartphone
60m with Parrot FLYPAD
Weight: 295gr With holder
Smartphone Max size: 160 * 78 * 9,8 mm
Customer Reviews
amazing fun machine,
great fun and easy to fly - but only in very light winds. information on controls almost non-existent I had to download the app and go through the default settings to find what the buttons actually did. on/off switch on the drone is really had to find and its best to update using a pc. don't get confused by the flashing green lights at the front when you are charging. the actual LED that denotes charging is at the back near the charge port

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