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Huawei Moleskine SMART Writing Notebook Paper Tablet & Pen + Set

Huawei Moleskine SMART Writing Notebook Paper Tablet & Pen + Set
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The Paper Tablet allows you to fix your ideas on paper by hand and, thanks to Moleskine Pen +, transfer all the notes taken down manually to the screen of your phone or tablet in real time.
The Moleskine Notes app is available for iOS and Android devices, downloadable from the Apple App store or Google Play store.
The Pen+ combines paper practicality with all the advantages of digital creativity. It is easy to use and pleasant to write with. Position the pen on the page to transfer words, graphics, ideas and drawings and display them directly on your smartphone or tablet.
The Pen + recognises differently numbered Paper Tablets, covers, layouts and different formats, so you can easily switch from one notebook to another and allow the development of ideas on the move
The invisible technology incorporated in each page allows the Pen + to recognise where it is inside the notebook and to transfer the notes taken down manually from the page to the screen, in time real.
The smart writing system allows you to digitise handwritten notes and easily add tags to sort them. Your creations can be captured and simultaneously paired with real-time audio.
Share your project via e-mail by tapping the envelope icon at the top of the page.
*Please note smartphone and iPad not included. Notebook colour is Red

Paper Tablet (Red) with special paper designed to work with Pen+ in dotted layout 
Pen+ Smartpen 
USB Cable
1 Pen Tip Ink Refill
User Manual

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