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Aficionados consider refurbished gear one of the great secrets of the tech world.
International Herald Tribune, Jan 09
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Lenovo Thinkstation C20 Tower PC DUAL Quad Core Xeon E5620 2.4GHz 12GB 2TB NVidia NVS 300 Windows 7 Professional

Lenovo Thinkstation C20 Tower PC DUAL Quad Core Xeon E5620 2.4GHz 12GB 2TB NVidia NVS 300 Windows 7 Professional
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Condition: Refurbished / Grade A1
Warranty: 12 Months warranty
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Originally priced in the thousands, these server spec HIGH end work stations were designed for the world of finance and business these Lenovo C20 Work Stations are one of the smallest Dual multi core processor PC's we've seen.

Our spec offers TWO Quad core Intel Xeon 2.4GHz processors! With 12GB of fast DDR3 RAM, a plentiful 2TB HDD and respectable Dual screen capable NVidia 512MB NVS 300 graphics card. (Remember there are 2 of these cards installed)

Expansion room is stunning! You can add an extra 2 Hard drives... Go up to 24GB of unbuffered DDR3 RAM and as far as 96GB of registered DDR3 SDRAM.

Lenovo put more thinking into the smart design and useful tools for a better user experience.
  • Front-lit I/O icons let you easily see to connect storage or audio devices.
  • Recessed power button prevents accidental shutdown.
  • Tool-less chassis facilitates quick, worry-free upgrades.
  • Support for up to three hard-drive bays all in one place enables better cooling.
  • Streamlined internal design gives you easy access to components.
  • ThinkVantage Technologies system-management tools save you time and money by simplifying and speeding system upgrades and maintenance.


  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
  • Processor: 2 x Intel Quad Core Xeon 2.4GHz
  • Memory: 12GB DDR3 SDRAM
  • Hard drive: 2TB
  • Optical drive: None Fitted
  • Graphics: Twin 512Mb NVidia NVS 300 (Each with DMS59 Video Output)
  • Audio: Integrated high definition audio
  • Networking: Integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet
  • Bays: 1(available)/1(total) External 5.25-inch, 1(available)/1(total) External 3.5-inch, 1 Internal 3.5-inch
  • Slots: Two (2) PCI X16 slot, one (1) PCI express x 4 slot
  • Ports: Eight (8) USB 2.0 (2 front, 8 rear), stereo line-in , stereo line-out, microphone-in, microphone, headphone, one (1) RJ-45
  • Power supply: 800W
  • Model: ThinkStation C20 MT
  • Recovery CD: No,
  • Dimensions: 16.8 inches high x 5.1 inches wide x 17.5 inches deep
  • System weight: 23 pounds

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Customer Reviews
Very fast computer, with excellent support ,
Have got three of these Lenovo for various tasks, excellent machines that cope with anything I run on these.Had a problem on delivery with the third one but Morgan computers sorted it without any problem and another one was on its way and the broken one picked up.. thank you Izzy. Would always recommend Morgans. they are how companies should be 5/5

Great machine,
Arrived fast, works great. Upgraded the graphics card and it flies.

Bargain - and great service.,
Excellent machine, fast and with tons of space. Service from Morgans was brilliant, as usual!

What a bargain!,
Initially I though I had a "dead-on-arrival". However only the mains connector was faulty and I soon had it up and running. As it weighs 10 Kg I shall not be moving it much, but it needs hardly any manhandling to get inside; the top cover simply unclips and the expansion slots and other components are easily accessible (maybe not the HDD). It is surprisingly quiet considering all those fans and it is going to be used as a media computer. For this I have added a decent sound card (Asus Xonar) and a DVD-RW drive and also wi-fi and USB3 cards. The Win7 OS comes with no unwanted software but downloading necessary drivers and a few programs from the web was straightforward and now I can view my DVDs and listed to my music collection.

If weight equals quality this is one super machine !,
With strong places to grip it is not hard to move around, this is a really well made PC. No screws at all to open, not as you need to as it is fully loaded. Runs fast, really fast. Nice clean install of Windows 7, no 'bloat-ware', it loads and runs as fast as my i7 laptop with a SSD. I have tried Windows 10 on another HDD and all seems good, although I will most likely stay with W7. Only criticism is special caddies are required to add another disk drive. These are not generally available. The easiest solution is to use an external HDD for extra storage, if needed. But with confidence.

Great machine, arrived super quick,
I've been meaning to move back to a large desktop machine primarily for music production and video editing. I saw this machine and figured for the price, why not. I was expecting to wait a week or so and because I'm lazy didn't have a spot for it so I was quite surprised when it turned up 24 hours after I ordered it! It's a solid box, well made with good components and is more than enough for what I need (Well - OK. I might upgrade the graphics cards... it's not ALL work work work).

Have to say that I'm not technically proficient on Computers so had to get a trusted engineer to install everything from previous PC , which was grinding to a halt,and set Lenovo up.The engineer was amazed at what I had got for the money and was quite envious. Kept telling me what agreat buy I had got. Early days but this is like driving a Ferrari after a 15 year old Micra

Nice machine, well packed, next day delivery, local pickup at Sainsbury's ,
Very nice machine, and £50 discount made the purchase a no brainer. Once I removed Windows and installed Linux, it just flying through any task I throw at it. Getting to the BIOS initially was a tad problematic, but I got there eventually, booted from a USB stick and installed Linux Mint xfce 64 bit version. All good so far. By far the best feature of Morgan is that try use DPD and once you have your order number you can logon to DPD and arrange a local pick up point like Sainsbury's, no more waiting in for the delivery. I may be buying a laptop next.

Spot on service and Computer,
My own computer started acting up so I replaced the hard drive and reinstalled all my programs, this set me thinking, should I purchase a back up computer due to the fact I am secretary for an organisation and I hold a database with regards said organisation on the computer. Then behold Morgan Computers sent me an e-mail advertising the Lenovo Think station c20 for sale, and the beauty was that it had Microsoft windows 7 Pro installed on it which is what I use on my own computer (I am not a great fan of Windows 10) the computer arrived next day and I had it set up with my other programs in no time at all. Overall I am delighted with the Thinkstation C20 AND Morgan computers deserve a pat on the back for such a speedy delivery.

Good value,
This machine has been fantastic. Only got it a couple of weeks ago, so don't know about long term. I moved up from Vista on entry level hardware to Win7 on this and the performance is far superior. I do a lot of sound editing and that is noticeably much quicker. Cons. Had some stability issues in the first few days, maybe a hardware conflict as I installed a DVD and the hard-drive from my old PC, but switched off the "sleep" function and that fixed it. Bit of a bitch to get the second HD installed - a very teeny space to work in - you have to plug in sata leads without being able to see the sockets. But I got there in the end. I really notice how poor my broadband is now!

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