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Aficionados consider refurbished gear one of the great secrets of the tech world.
International Herald Tribune, Jan 09
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Acer Chromebook - Aspire C720 2GB 16GB (SSD) 11.6 inch

Acer Chromebook - Aspire C720 2GB 16GB (SSD) 11.6 inch
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Condition: Refurbished / Grade A1
Warranty: 3 Months warranty

The great value Acer C720 Chromebook is a slimline web-only device giving you superb online content and apps.

What is a ChromeBook? Well it’s a Netbook, a laptop and a tablet! Take the best elements of each. Add the speed and safety of Google and it’s amazing apps library. Remove the clutter of a windows operating system! Wrap that in a thin, light, small and FAST ultrabook with a stunning screen and you get a ChromeBook!

They boot up in less than 10 seconds, they run all day long! Automatically sync and save your work to the Google cloud, allow fast safe free file sharing. They weigh just over 1kg. Use the latest SSD technology running up to 10 times faster than SATA drives in old, slow, heavy netbooks. Did we mention you get free online storage, automatic self updating software and antivirus protection? All of the Google docs apps are interchangeable with Microsoft word/excel/PowerPoint formats too! Don’t hang about these wont!

Useful info:

  • Intel® Celeron™ 2955U processor
  • 2Gb RAM
  • 16Gb SSD storage
  • Google OS Operating System
  • 11.6 inch screen (1366x768)
  • Webcam
  • 2x USB ports
  • H 19, W 288, D 204 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg

Customer Reviews
Acer C720 Chromebook,
Bought this small laptop to get familiar with Chrome OS. All i can say is it is brill. There are limitations, e.g. printing, but if it is not your sole machine that is not a problem. For web browsing, e-mail, and using the cloud for storage it is fine, I got 1TB cloud storage for 12 months from nice Mr. Google, yes 1TB. If you find MS Win slow to load and cumbersome you will love this package.

Excellent device, excellent service too,
The hardware is very good for its designed purpose - a web-centric ('cloud-based') net-book that runs Chrome OS. This is another Linux variant from Google, different from Android in so many ways, like decent security and automatic updates. It pretty much has to be online for most things, and the instructions say that a 3Mb/s connection is needed. Worked fine on our 3.5-ish connection with the ever-unreliable TalkTalk. Caution - if you get and use two of these, they will at some time demand 3Mb/s each, so you will need a faster-than 6Mb/s connection for them both to work at their best all the time. If you don't know Google Chrome OS, it is worth a visit to the high street or a retail park to get a demo from a retailer. They often cannot do this, since they are not connected to the web, but it is worth a try. Chrome OS is not for everyone, but is brilliant at what it sets out to do. Even so, if you do dislike Chrome OS it is relatively simple to search on the web for how to install a flavour of Linux alongside it. Try this only if you are happy about reading instructions and following them closely! Experience installing another OS would probably help. My friends have had good success with a specially-tailored-for-the-Acer-720 version of Bodhi Linux - this is what we plan to try eventually. The 16GB SSD is small, but a basic Bodhi install will fit into 3GB. There is also an SD card slot that one can use to expand data storage. Stumpy USB sticks are good, too, and one of the USB sockets is USB 3, so it will be fast. If you prefer there are how-tos on the web that lead you through upgrading the on-board SSD to 128 GB (~£70 on Amazon). Make sure it's the right type - M.2 NGFF (New Generation Form Factor) is what is needed. Fiddly job, but do-able. The standard of service from Morgan was excellent. Rapid courier delivery with emails and texts specifying when it was scheduled to arrive, with the option of re-scheduling if we wanted. Could not have been better. When we had a technical problem the 0800 number connected us (almost immediately after the menu selection) with an intelligent bloke who knew his stuff. All sorted in a minute or two. What a pleasant surprise!

Very Good Chromebook,
Bought for my wife. As new unmarked condition exactly as described. Takes a short while to get used to Chrome OS, particularly 'caps lock' and 'delete' workaround but easy-peasy. Registering a googlemail address is a must for the device to operate as intended. From within Gmail settings it is possible to import IMAP and POP3 settings to access regular email. No need to log-out or shut-down - simply close the lid and resume where left-off. Long battery life and almost immediate start up. All in all a great buy.

Total Revelation,
I needed a new Netbook to replace a Windows 8 model that was so slow to be unusable, I only browse & e-mail with this PC. I sceptically ordered the 720 but what a revelation, it flew into action as soon as I opened the lid and 5 minutes later I was up and running at amazing speed and I have not as yet found a problem with the Chrome method of working. The battery life is also an eye opener, regularly getting well over 6 hours. Using the Google office programs has not posed any unusual problems either.

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