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Aficionados consider refurbished gear one of the great secrets of the tech world.
International Herald Tribune, Jan 09
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Lenovo ThinkPad X201 12.1" Laptop i5-520M 2.4GHz Processor 4GB RAM 160GB Windows 7 Professional

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 12.1
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Condition: Refurbished / Grade A1
Warranty: 3 Months warranty
based on 25 ratings
  • What It Does
  • Specifications

The Lenovo ThinkPad X201 laptops are designed for today's mobile professionals, offering the freedom to work whenever, wherever and however you work best.
Free up your time to focus on what really matters with the fastest computing available in an enterprise-class ultra-portable laptops.
With CPU base frequencies of up to 2.66 GHz (25% faster than Low Voltage CPUs) starting up, shutting down and loading applications are fast.
  • 25% faster CPUs than competing low-volt only CPU solutions Lenovo Windows
  • Intel Core i5 CPU
More Mobile
Free yourself from the walls of your office and stay productive even when you are on the move with the low weight, long battery life and superior wireless connectivity options.
More Durable
Free yourself from unnecessary worry with laptop designed from the inside out to withstand the rigors of life outside the office.
Note: Image for illustration - Finger Print Reader is not included

Display 12.1" LED Widescreen Display
Hard Drive 160GB SATA Hard Drive
RAM 4GB DDR3 (8GB Max, 2 x SO-DIMM Slots)
Processor Intel Core i5-520M Dual Core 2.40GHz (2.93GHz Max
Turbo Frequency)
Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64Bit
Graphics Intel HD Intergrated QM57
Gigabit Ethernet LAN Yes
Intergrated WiFi Yes
Webcam No
Keyboard UK QWERTY and TrackPoint
Ports 1 x VGA, 3 x USB 2.0, 1 x RJ-45, 1 x Headphone/Stereo Speaker In, 1 x Mic In, 1 x Combo Audio/Mic Jack
Dimensions 2.07 - 3.53 x 29.50 x 21.00 cm approx (HxWxD)
Weight 1.44 kg approx

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Condition: New
Customer Reviews
Excellent value,
Prompt delivery and a clean machine. Only drawback for me is that I buy S/H computers because I use legacy software that will not run in 64bit Windows (thank you Microsoft!). Your rep proudly told me that all your PCs have 64 bit Windows installed. For me this was not a selling feature! As this PC only has 4Gb memory, I cannot see the point of loading a 64bit version of Windows! Especially as I have to remove it and re-install 32bit version.

Our response

I am pleased that you are happy with the item. Please note for future reference we can re-image/re-install the operating system version to 32Bit before shipping the goods for a small fee.

What's not to like?,
Ordered one evening. Arrived 36 hours later, well wrapped. Started up with a minimal Windows 7 Pro installation but the battery lasted well under an hour. One phone call later and a new battery was on its' way. Great laptop. Stellar customer service. Why use anyone else?

Excellent product and service,
I was a regular customer of Morgans when they were based in central London some years ago, first in Tottenham Court Road (where they also sold cameras!) and then in New Oxford Street where they had much larger premises, but I hadn't bought anything from them since they moved away. As I hoped, delivery was super-quick, goods were well packed, undamaged, and completely as described, and I am delighted with my purchase. I called the company during my order with a minor question, which was quickly answered. Obviously with any refurbished laptop, battery life is never as long as when new, but for me the old battery is sufficient for my daily commute, and I won't be replacing it any time soon. I will definitely buy from Morgan again.

Great alternative to new netbook,
First unit was DOA and the mains adapter for the replacement died after a day; but Morgan's customer service was quick, efficient and courteous. DPD courier also excellent. Have swapped to a 120GB SSD and Windows 10 and very pleased (replaces a cheap but limited Acer laptop with only 32GB storage). A colleague has also bought one of these and is similarly pleased with his purchase.

Excellent Purchase,
We have now purchased 3 Lenovo X201 for our organisation all from Morgan. In each case the product has been clean and tidy. Factor in a buying a new battery (I used ebay to get extended live 9 cell ones) for the best results. Docking stations are also widely available with DVD drive for around £25. No complaints with ether the product or the Morgan service which is very fast.

Excellent value,
I'm very pleased with this. It's fast, compact and reliable. If you buy one, do factor in the cost of a new battery mine needed replacing before the laptop was useable but even so I thought it was excellent value.

Excellent compact laptop,
Bought this as a cheap second laptop to run Linux for web browsing and general correspondence. Wiped Win 7 and loaded Linux Mint 17.3 with issues. needed to add a USB bluetooth adaptor but otherwise no problems. Very happy.

Cracking little laptop,
I have been looking for a compact (but still capable) laptop for a little while. The X201 from Morgan arrived in very good time and I am so far delighted with it. Battery life seems superb (estimate at 4-hours of reasonable use). Item in very good physical condition with minimal marking and key wear. I have opted to replace the 160GB hard drive with a solid-state 0.5TB one and to up the RAM to the maximum of 8GB.

Prompt delivery,
Arrived the next day, and I didn't select express delivery. Unit is in A1 condition. The only drawback is that the fan seems to be on continuously. I don't know whether that is a common problem with this particulat Thinkpad model.

Outstanding value,
These are outstanding value for money! Arrived well packed an on time. The laptop itself is in very very good condition and the battery seems to hold its charge well. Fired up first time, had a quick look at Windows 7 which was installed on it, then wiped it and put Ubuntu on (which installs with no problems). Under Linux these laptops absolutely fly.

It came quickly and was well packaged. Condition was good. Wiped Win7 off immediately and replaced with Fedora, making it a very capable machine. Fedora installation from a USB stick very simple since all of the hardware onboard is supported out of the box. If you are looking for an inexpensive machine for working on and can't stand tablets (can anyone actually type on a tablet?) then go for this - it's small, light and, with the right operating system, very quick.

Lenovo X201,
The laptop was delivered quickly and in excellent condition. It updated free to Windows 10 with no problems and runs smoothly and quickly. This was bought as a Netbook for Christmas for my granddaughter and is far better and more powerful than the ones on the market new at the same price with the added advantage of the rugged construction that will be useful with it being used by a young person.

Solid product, light price,
Bought to replace an ageing netbook. All perfect except for a few minor scuffs on underside and corners. As a long term Linux user I spent a few minutes laughing at the loaded Windows 7 before installing a dual boot Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.2. Everything worked from the start, including FN+PgUp to turn on/off the little keyboard light on the top of the screen and the Lenovo volume buttons. The keyboard is a delight for serious typing and the webcam fine on Skype and Cheese. The 160Gb disk was a 7200 rpm Seagate rather than an SSD as per the Lenovo spec, but on Linux with temperature active monitoring the fan rarely comes on and the machine is almost silent. Excellent value.

Good value small laptop,
The one I bought arrived in perfectly acceptable condition. The battery is not great, but capable of 2-3 hours heavy use. The processor and memory are adequate for running Windows 7 very fluently and I consider the machine to be excellent value at this price.

Product quality not as good as normal,
As a regular customer I expected this A1 refurb to be better than it was, it seemed to be very second hand. The 9 cell battery which should give 8 hours + only gives about 2 1/2 hours life.  The PC works well but will need a new battery ASAP which I have now ordered. I will buy from Morgan again but will be more discerning in future

Our response

Please ask for a manager next time you need to order and you will be given a promotional code for some extra discount on your next order. We are sorry that this item had a reduced battery life. Typically batteries are tested and charged but we do not replace them unless found to be faulty. 

Excellent value but not Grade A1,
Not quite A1, but still in good condition and everything seems to work. Mine came with a 9 cell battery which seems to last 2-3 hours. The battery has had over 260 charge cycles so it's probably going to need replacing sooner rather than later. Mine has a UK keyboard.

Review update,
Even better vfm now that Lenovo are offering free battery replacements.

Good Value,
Described as 'A1' and it turned out to be good condition and met our requirement for a compact and portable business laptop with Window 7. It came with the bigger of the three sizes of battery so will probably have to be buy a smaller one to lighten it further. Recommended.

Good value for money,
Bought six, wouldn't class them as Grade A1 (at least in terms of the outer shell/case). However, the laptops are fully functional and represent good value for money. Oh, and they had UK keyboards...

Yet another stunning Morgan bargain,
At first sight it was difficult to tell that this wasn't new. The remnants of glue from a sticker (easily removed) was the only clue. The protective film was still over the camera and the unit had obviously had very little use. Well up to Lenovo's usual standard - and Morgan's. Battery lasts at least 3 hours and still has life in it. I've used Morgan for many years (most of my old Nikon stuff came from their London stores a couple of decades ago). Products like this are why I keep coming back

Fabulous machine for the price,
I've used Morgan for many years and I've yet to be let down. This unit had a slight scuff to the top (turned out to be glue from a label - easily removed). Apart from that, you couldn't tell it wasn't new. Booted fast straight from the box (fully charged battery). I've had Thinkpads for a long time and this is well up to their usual standard. When new, I seem to remember this was around the £1,000 mark and was good value then. A few years down the line and it's still no slouch compared to some of the other,new, offerings on the market. At the price it's a bargain!

A good value laptop, but with poor battery life,
This laptop is compact, lightweight and pretty fast/capable for everyday use. My unit arrived in good, but not pristine condition. Based on the other reviews here I was expecting it to be a little less used, but this isn't a big deal. Windows 7 is all good and there are a few bits of free software that I assume Morgan have added, e.g. an Open Office version. These are easily removed if you don't want them and there isn't really any of the annoying bloatware that you tend to get on a new laptop on startup. The only real disappointment is the battery life which is about 45 to 60 minutes maximum.

What a bargain!,
Received day following order in brilliant packaging. Machine is absolutely unmarked and indistinguishable from new. Mine has Lenovo charger and 320gb hard disk. For a top brand ultra portable with i5 processor and 4gb RAM I have paid less than the price of a Chromebook! Awesome value Morgan - many thanks from a very satisfied customer. PS Comes with Chrome, VLC Media Player, Open Office, Adobe Reader and AVG anti virus pre-installed. Just load all the MS updates and you are ready for work straight out of the box.

entirely satisified,
The machine arrived in very clean condition via next-day delivery. The installed win7-64 works perfectly, although some of the IBM specific features of the machine have not been installed. Battery life is very strong. The charger is aftermarket but perfectly good. I bought this machine as an alternative to a later model via lenov outlet (at about £600) and am glad I did. Extremely good value for a business ultraportable that I can take anywhere.

Perfect portable,
These laptops have truly excellent keyboards - if you will be doing a lot of typing you won't find better on something so portable. And it is really portable - easy to carry in one hand, fits in a normal work rucksack, has the usual good ThinkPad build quality. The screen (1200x800) is fine; you would not want a much higher resolution on a small device like this - matt coated so fewer reflections in bright office environments. Hard drive on mine is 160GB as per the What It Does section not 320GB as on the Specifications page. Very vanilla 64 bit Windows 7 Pro is installed on a Refurb PCs licence. Lenovo specific drivers for trackpoint, power etc easily obtainable from their site. Keyboard is UK English though they specify US/International. Battery seems to be original Lenovo and holds a reasonable charge - 3 hours or so of working time off the mains. Charger is after market but not hideously bulky. At this price I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone who wants a very portable laptop for work or casual use.

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