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Somertek EB0700 7" 4GB eBook Reader Audio Book Player & Photo Browser

Our Lowest EVER Priced eBook reader UNDER £30!!!

Somertek EB0700 7
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Warranty: 12 Months manufacturer warranty
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A must-have for every avid book reader, the Somertek EB0700 7" E-Book

Reader can store up to 2,300 songs, 20 hours of video, or thousands of
e-books with its built-in memory of 4GB.
You can even expand the storage capacity of this TFT colour e-book reader as it
features a microSD card slot. Insert an SD card and enjoy the convenience of
storing up to 40,000 e-books.
This e-book reader supports most popular e-book formats, such as TXT, PDF,
EPUB, DOC, and much more. It features a built-in MP3 player, so you can
read your favorite book while listening to your favorite song.
The 800 x 480 pixel colour display not only ensures strain-free reading, but
also enables you to view movies and videos in high clarity. This Somertek 4GB
e-book runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. With the high speed USB cable,
you can quickly and easily transfer your files to your MAC or PC and vice versa.
  • 7" 800 x 480 pixel colour display allows you to watch videos, movies, view song information and pictures, and browse e-books.
  •  4GB of memory stores up to 2,300 songs, 20 hours of video or thousands of e-books
  •  Supports the most popular e-book formats including TXT, EPUB, FB2, HTML, PDB, PDF and DOC (Does NOT support DRM Protected content)
  •  Expandable microSD card slot holds up to 40,000 e-books (microSD card sold separately)
  •  Built-in MP3 player allows you to complement your reading with your favorite background music; supports MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, and more
  •  Sync to your Mac or PC, then drag and drop e-books from your computer to your reader in seconds
  •  Photo/video player lets you browse photos and watch your favorite videos in stunning colour; supports JPG, BMP,AVI, MP4, FLV, and more
  •  Built-in rechargeable battery with extended battery life
  •  Includes wall charger, USB cable and user manual

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Condition: New
Customer Reviews
Can be annoying to use but good value for money,
I bought this as my 30 month-old Kindle (bought for £110) developed an unrepairable screen problem. The Somertek at £30 seems like a bargain in comparison and also offers the following advantages: excellent, crisp 'paper white' screen; large viewing area; reasonable MP3 player; photo and video storage, calendar, calculator, good storage capacity, and more. However, it suffers from a few shortcomings: charge duration could be better; buttons are nasty to use, being stiff and making a loud click when pressed, so that using this say, on a train or plain is likely to annoy fellow passengers; navigation between sections of a book can be tedious and long-winded; but while the font size and line spacing can be changed to suit requirements, the font cannot; and while you can flip between portrait and landscape orientations, the latter results in the buttons being positoned along the top which makes navigation awkward as your hand is always in an unnatural position at the top of the unit. However, that said, the unit offers good value for money and a reasonable array of features. The main gripe is the horrible, stiff buttons which hopefully the manufacturer will address.

Somertek EB0700 7" 4GB eBook Reader,
I wasn't sure what to expect from this ereader as I haven't been a big fan or the whole ebook thing. Its very light and fits nicely into my handbag. Its very easy to use and navigate. You can adjust the text to the right size for you and the screen brightness which is great. I got this on the Christmas special offer but would have been happy to pay the full price

Brilliant for the price,
This was priced at a special pre-Christmas offer, and great value. It is worth following the battery initial charging instructions to get the best from the battery. The button controls are mostly intuitive, but why an M for the select or go button? This (and the 'next page' button) will be the most used, but it is second from right in a flush row of four, so not so easy to use. The screen is comfortable to use for reading and delivery from Morgan, of course, is excellent.

great E reader,
bought as a Christmas present for a relation who likes to study, will be enjoying it for years.

A quite remarkable bargain which worked straight from the box. Don't let the fact that it's controlled by buttons rather than touch-screen put you off - it was very easy to figure out. Loading books, music and photos is actually easier than on my tablet - it simply works as any other USB drive. No, it's not a computer; it's simply a reader / viewer / player and it works perfectly. For some crazy reaon Morgan offered it at half-price, but even at their normal £30 or so it's excellent value. Incidentally, the quality feels decent and doesn't feel at all tacky. One more point - my wife is definitely a non-computer person and she found it accessible and easy-to-use. If I could give more than five stars I certainly would.

good value good service,
excellent value my 5 year old grandaughter took to it straight away to my delight i ran a full movie on it and visuals were grat sounds is i bit tinny but when run through an amp excellent morgan computers 5 star

Good for the price,
My wife has used an earlier model for a couple of years, mainly for the FB2 book format which many models don't support. This one is better constructed and she is pleased with it. It has the same poor connection at the charger socket, it seems to be a weak link in this brand, but charges well via the USB lead.

Getting used to it,
It looks a bit cheap and the home page is not attractive - an old book shelf. Had to stop myself trying to touch screen the commands and remember the buttons. Image quality is not magnificent but acceptable. Easy to download stuff as it is basically a mobile data store, musically the volume without the ear plugs is an acceptable minimum. Overall a good buy, hope battery life is OK!

Initial review,
Wasn't expecting this to be as good as it is. The case quality wasn't great (it was marked and strangely 'clipped' together when pressed down on it the first time). I loaded a microSD card with assorted mp3 tracks, a couple of flv files and a number of mobi / epub book files. It does seem strange using buttons to control it but, once sorted, it is really easy to use. Displaying a book was excellent (though the font may not be changeable, the size is) and the backlight options are fine; video playback was very impressive and smooth; mp3's through the mono speaker do sound a bit tinny, but add the supplied earpieces and the quality goes up many fold. Overall, I'm impressed, though I do think the case won't survive too many knocks and the battery life is a bit hit and miss. Control over mp3's could be better (play, stop, change track is all you have).

Fantastic Value !!,
Purchased as a present for grand daughter, very impressive build quality and well presented, was mastered by a 10 year old in no time, no complaints or negative comments! does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Great Value,
If you're looking for a Kindle or Kobo this is not for you. However, if you want to read books listen to music, audio books and watch films in colour, then for £30 this can't be beat. Easy to use I would recommend it to anyone.

Somerteck eBook,
I found this eBook good value for money at less than £30. A little heavy compared to the other eBooks I have looked at but a lot cheaper. I found the interface easy to use, the Display is bright and clear and the books are easily readable. Also plays videos well and capable of playing audio too. I would recommend this devise and consider it good value for money...

My partially sighted ten year old loves it.,
She finds it easy and clear to read and when her eyes get tire she can then just listen to an audio book or music. At other times she can watch her own videos. This little girl bought this with her own money and is well please with her purchase.

Worth considering...,
About the size of the Kindle 1/2 (an average paperback) and feels quite heavy (about 285 g). The manual could be more lucid but is adequate, though most usage is fairly straightforward as the functions are limited. User interface via buttons is a bit 'clunky' but it works well enough. Display is bright and reasonably clear - definition is perfectly adequate for most everyday applications. Identifies file type by extension but does support folders which makes finding items easier. Has handled all file types so far tried (TXT, PDF, EPUB, MP3, MP4). Audio quality is fine, though good quality headphones are better than the supplied earpiece. Battery life is reasonable - arounnd 4 - 5 hours or so but depends on usage a bit. Absence of wifi isn't really a disadvantage and probably helps with battery life. Taken as a whole, good value for money, more particularly when compared with some of the more expensive offerings currently available.

Somertek EB0700 -reader,
The readers are excellent and allow you to read in the dark. I put 500 books onto mine and this is only 1/9 of the available on board storage. I bought 5 and then a further 2, mostly for Christmas presents. I have played video, viewed photos and listened to mp3's. Excellent value

Somertek EB0700 7,
I already have a Sony prs-300 reader which is pretty old and getting tired so thought I’d try the …from Morgans. What a pleasant surprise. Such a good spec for less than £30. The manual was – like many – a bit exotic but still understandable so I was able to get the reader up and running in less than ten minutes. Transferring the books from my PC was simplicity itself, just drag & drop. The accessories are good too. Charger, USB lead and earphones, what more do you need? Well, I bought a micro SD; 16 Gb. (Comes with an adaptor) which I also filled with books and archived documents. I haven’t tried the MP 3 player of the Video but even so, what a bargain. docusk

Somertek EB0700 7,
This reader does what it says,I am very happy with it. It can be slow to operate at times but this is because I have not got used to it yet, however it only cost £29.95. Remember its not a tablet with aps and WiFi and you will not be disappointed. I have read e-books and pdfs also viewed photos and watched video, great. Also the memory holds a lot of books. I have yet to try the audio, but im sure its OK.

somertek EB0700 7,
bought one checked how good it was then ordered two more. looking forward to buying more bargain items many thanks bill

Somertek e-book reader,
Apart from 'interesting' manual the reader is good. Reader for book good as well as for watching videos I think its very good value. I do recommend this device BL

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