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Somertek HTPC-A10 Android 4.0 Internet TV, Movie & Media Centre with WiFi,HDMi & USB Support

A Brilliant Android TV Stick - Online TV/Movies/Music/Photos & Games

Somertek HTPC-A10 Android 4.0 Internet TV, Movie & Media Centre with WiFi,HDMi & USB Support
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  • What It Does
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It's never been simpler to get the world in the palm of your hand. A revolution in home entertainment has arrived, opening a brand new gateway into the world of media and the internet.

Access all of your favourite online content directly through your TV, from the comfort of your sofa. Use the HTPC to catch up on any programmes you've missed, with access to an amazing array of online content, as well as Youtube. The HTPC can also connect to movie streaming sites/services.

Android Apps can be downloaded from the internet, or you can access some of the most popular ones straight out of the box. Instant access to your favourites including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Built on the highly successful Google Android platform you can rest assured there will always be something for you to do. Download games, movies, music, apps and more and enjoy them all from the comfort of your own home. Support for almost all web-technologies including Flash, Email and e-commerce you can even use the HTPC as a replacement, or addition, to your home computer. Using a dedicated 1GHz ARM A10 processor you can enjoy some of the latest Android games and apps to make use of your HTPC. 4GB of built-in memory can be expanded to a huge 32GB, allowing you to store and view all your media directly from the box. HDMI technology connects the HTPC to your HD display for an ultimate, up-to-date viewing experience, with full 1080p resolution, it even supports the new 2160p and 3D content!

  • Listen to music
  • Play games
  • Browse the internet
  • Download applications
  • Watch internet video
  • Watch TV & movies
  • Send & receive e-mail
  • Visit social networking site
  • Internet shopping
  • View & edit documents online
  • Save & view photos
  • Remote control
  • Requires HD TV & existing internet connection

The Latest Android 4.0 OS

Simple Hard Drive compatibility - Plug'n'Play support for USB drives and memory sticksFull HD decode & play: supports uo to 2160P HD and 3D effects

Support for 2.4G Wireless Mouse (not included) for even easier control and access.



Operation System Google Android 4.0    
System Memory 1GB DDR3    
  NandFlash including 4G (up to 16G)
Peripheral Interface HDMI V1.4?CVBS
RJ45(10/100M bps)  
SD/SDHC,high speed USB2.0×3
Support networking protocal TCP/IP, UPNP, Wi-Fi 802.11n(up to 300Mbps) and P2P
Video Output Interface: composite video, component YPbPr and HDMI;
Audio Output Interface: optical fiber audio, coaxial 7.1 channel audio and stereo audio R/L
Supported Video Formats: HD MPEG1/2/4, H.264, HD AVC/VC-1, RM/RMVB, Xvid/DivX4/5/6,RealVideo8/9/10,VP6
H264 support 40Mbps max
support 2160P
Supported Audio Formats: Formats: MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG/FLAC/MKA
Supported Image Formats: JPG/JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG
Support Caption formats: SRT/SMI/SSA/ASS
Support Application: Support full function Browser Flash10/HTML5/online video/BT download/weather/skype/MSN/APK download and install
Environmental Requirements Operating temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)
Storage temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Maximum operating altitude: 10,000 feet (3000 m)
Product Size: 174*100*30 mm
In/Output Adapter input:AC100-240V 50-60Hz
  output:5V 2A

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Customer Reviews
Brilliant device,
I got this to use iPlayer, and it does this brilliantly. It didn't like the BT home hub, but connects via BTFON or via a SITECOM hub. I use a mains adaptor with USB output(seems to be the new norm) and a multiway USB adaptor for the wireless mouse receiver and a wired keyboard. This doesn't disable the onscreen keyboard as the documentation implies a wireless keyboard would do. For the price alone it deserves 5 stars... And the unit is so small, hardly bigger than a memory stick - and plugs straight into an HDMI socket on the TV. And then it behaves like any Android machine, email Youtube etc.

Great for BBC IPlayer,
If you use an Android phone or tablet you will find this easy to set up, if not you could struggle with the instruction book. A wireless mouse is essential for easy set up and a keyboard a bonus. I got it mainly to be able to view BBC IPlayer on our television and it works fine, (although it is in range of a strong Wi-Fi signal). The inclusion of a free wireless mouse was a bonus but I would rather have had a power supply. Despite the implication that it might work via the power supplied by the HDMI socket, it needed an external 2 amp power supply, it would not work with lower rated power supplies. So lost a start for not including the essential power supply.

Does what it says on the tin...,
 Being familiar with Android is a big advantage and it all works a treat! I fully agree with the other reviews on here and would recommend as good value for money. I have only one issue, my TV is approx 6 feet from my seating, and the WiFi attached mouse seems to like less than 4 ft, so to operate I have to go up to the tv and being a 40" screen this is not as slick as sitting back in my armchair to operate it. I have subsequently added a USB extension to bring the mouse wifi receiver out from behind the TV but this still doesn't help much and I am loathed to get a wired solution.

Excellent for price.,
I have given it five stars as it really is a bargain. The set up wasn't that easy as the 'Quick Start Guide' is obviously a Chinese translation and doesn't make a lot of sense. A wireless mouse definitely made it much easier to set up. I downloaded BBC I-player and TV Catchup etc., and Google Playstore so you then have all the Android apps at your disposal. You could tether a wireless keyboard to it too if you have need for it (also USB possible, but the lead would restrict you). This gives you far more access to apps than most Smart TVs as it is Android based and the Smart TVs are limited to their maker's apps.

Simple useage!,
Only using this as a way to play movies from a USB Hard Disk through the HDMI connection - but having the Android platform means that I can 'front-end' them all with a very good [free] catalogue program that makes it so much easier to organise & find films than just relying on the disk directory structure... ...not sure if I will use the internet facility much [I prefer a netbook or tablet], and as the box sits next to my broadband hub, also not using the WiFi but rather the RJ45 connector. All in all, does what I need and does it well...and possibility of further uses as well. Would agree that having a wireless mouse does make the setup easier, but not essential.

Make your TV Smart,
I have only had this unit for a few days so these are my first impressions. Not surprisingly, being a Chinese product, the manual, such as it is, is useless. Do not attempt to set up the unit with the remote control or you will give up in despair. Use a USB mouse (Corded or wireless) and get the networking sorted out. You can also use a USB keyboard but the on-board soft keyboard pops up when required so setting wireless network names and security is quite straightforward. Wifi to n standard is built in. Then you will find that you have a fairly decent Android computer providing web browsing and email as per any PC or laptop via your TV set. There are many apps installed but not particularly interesting to me and some are in Chinese. There appears to be access to the Google Apps library but I have not gone there yet. Apps for BBC I-player are not installed but the Google browser gives you access to any player you can get to and I have had all the UK players working. There are 3 USB ports, a HDMI port and the usual 3 audio/visual connectors plus an Ethernet port and a SD card slot – to show photos or play music. It may be possible to record to SD or USB devices but I have not explored this aspect. I consider this device superior to other Internet connector boxes that often restrict you to I-Player. Rating 4 star as the documentation is poor. JH 10/11/12

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