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Intempo Evolve Internet TV & Media Centre Android Based with WiFi

RRP: £199.95... Massive savings!

Intempo Evolve Internet TV & Media Centre Android Based with WiFi
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Warranty: 12 Months manufacturer warranty

TV, Internet & Games on your TV - No PC required.

It's never been simpler to get the world in the palm of your hand. A revolution in home entertainment has arrived, opening a brand new gateway into the world of media and the internet.

Access all of your favourite online content directly through your TV, from the comfort of your couch. Use the Evolve to catch up on any programmes you've missed, with access to the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD as standard. The Evolve can also connect to movie streaming sites such as LoveFilm.

Evolve Apps can be downloaded from the internet, or you can access some of the most popular ones straight out of the box. Instant access to your favourites including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Built on the highly successful Google Android platform you can rest assured there will always be something for you to do. Download games, movies, music, apps and more and enjoy them all from the comfort of your own home. Support for almost all web-technologies including Flash, Email and e-commerce you can even use the Evolve as a replacement, or addition, to your home computer. Using a dedicated 1.2GHz processor you can enjoy some of the latest Android games and apps to make use of your Evolve. 4GB of built-in memory can be expanded to a huge 32GB, allowing you to store and view all your media directly from the box. HDMI technology connects the Evolve to your HD display for an ultimate, up-to-date viewing experience, with full 1080p resolution.

A modern and sleek remote control comes complete with a full QWERTY Keyboard and touch-pad display. Use this to control every feature of your Evolve and get the most out of the experience.


  • Listen to music
  • Play games
  • Browse the internet
  • Download applications
  • Watch internet video
  • Watch TV & movies
  • Send & receive e-mail
  • Visit social networking site
  • Internet shopping
  • View & edit documents online
  • Save & view photos
  • Remote control
  • HDMI cable included
  • Requires HD TV & existing internet connection

Customer Reviews
Great value,
I had this going in about ten minutes. Convenient to use and store I found it fun and handy. Was concerned about limitations of only having android 2.3 but there were none. It did everything I wanted out of the box. Get one at this price it's a gift.

Does what it says on the box, and potentially a lot more.,
This arrived today, and once I'd figured out my own idiot mistakes in configuring its IP address works pretty well. It has built-in WiFi but doesn't seem to have an option to change the DNS address if you use it, which means it won't work on my wireless network. Ethernet is fully configurable or full auto, with no in-between; you can't just tell it to use auto address, gateway, etc. but set the DNS manually. Hence the idiot mistake, I got the gateway address wrong... Graphics quality with HDMI cable is as good as the source; excellent with a downloaded high-def video file, pretty good with BBC iPlayer, a bit on the jagged side with Youtube. File compatibility is good - I've tried four or five different video and audio formats and all are OK, no problems whatever. Main dislike - The menus are a little on the fiddly side, and the icons and on-screen text pretty small, and it doesn't seem to be possible to tweak that. I think they'd work reasonably well on a hand-held tablet, not so good on a 21" screen the other side of the room. I'm going to be pointing this out to the manufacturer. It's possible that there's a way to tweak this I haven't found, the instructions are fairly minimal. One oddity is that it doesn't appear to be designed with a true stand-by mode; sleep mode just switches off the keyboard and touch pad on the remote, if you actually switch off the box it takes a couple of minutes to restart. I'd imagine that power-consumption is pretty low anyway, but in these energy-conscious days it feels a little odd. The bottom line is that you're getting a fully-fledged Android PC (using the TV as display), micro alpha-numeric keyboard and touchpad, cables, etc. for about £67 including VAT and delivery. It's a pretty good deal, and since you can add Android apps I may think of uses for it other than as a media box. I'm pretty happy, and can honestly recommend it if you need this sort of media solution.

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