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Aficionados consider refurbished gear one of the great secrets of the tech world.
International Herald Tribune, Jan 09
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Versus Touchpad 7" Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich Multitouch Screen

Versus Touchpad 7
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Condition: Refurbished / Grade A1
Warranty: 3 Months warranty
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The World has gone Android crazy..! So have the prices!.....

Enough is Enough. Its time there was an affordable 7" Tablet PC with the NEW android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich... With Wifi... Multi-touch screen, Good storage and above all.... at a GREAT price.

HERE IT IS.. The Superb and stylish Versus Touchpad 7

Massive range of pre-installed Apps including:

BBC iPlayer, AngryBirds, Google Play, YouTube, Skype, Kindle, FAcebook, Adobe Flash.. and many many more... 

Operating System:
Andriod 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwish, Flash 11 Support

Cortex A8 1.06HGz CPU

512MB DDR3+

8GB - Expandable to 32GB Via Micro SD

Display Resolution
7" 800 x 480 16:9 LCD


Touch Panel
Capacitive Multi-touch 5 Points (3 more than most!)

0.3MP Front Camera

IEE 802.11 b/g/n

Gravity Sensor

Video Output


Mic & 3.5mm Headphone jack

3000mAh / 7.4V

Micro SD Slot
Upto 32GB Supported

USB Port
USB 2.0, Mini USB port

Power Adapter
AC Adapter 5V 1.5A

1 x Power Adapter
1 x USB Cable
1 x USB Converter
1 x User Manual

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Condition: New
Customer Reviews
wow this is amazing - being of the older generation and not even having the internet on my phone even i have been able to use this from the word go, i find it fast, easy to hold and really easy to understand - i thought i was getting a kindle for christmas but this is so much better, it has absolutley everything i need.

Good Stuff,
Great little machine, does what it says on the tin. 

angry birds!,
question to owners,
i want to buy 1 of these as i was looking at them in the shop. i know you can download angry birds as i am a big fan. i also play a weekly angry birds tournament on facebook against my friends and family. does anynody know if you can do this as my smart phone does not allow it

Better than even the reviews said!,
This was an idea to avoid buying our son of 11 a full screen smart-phone, and after looking elsewhere found this on the Morgan bookmark. What a gem!! Maybe not the most powerful, but loaded with everything he wanted and more. I doubt a day has passed that I have not found him with it in his hand at some point. I have tried it out and it is fantastic. If you wanted an iPad, then buy an iPad. If you want to enjoy media from files or the internet, with a modern light weight tablet, get this. On a budget this has been the best value item we have bought recently. I am sorely tempted to get another, as it has exceeded all expectations for quality of finish, performance, and value. Recommended!!

Well worth the price,
I didn't want to spends too much on a tablet and this was the right price. Does everything I expected it to do and a bit more. I like it a lot.

Versus 7,
Buy it, use it, enjoy. An iPad it aint, so let us be thankful for small mercies. Drama free wifi, good starter tablet with excellent screen, good for Skype, Farce-book etc. Difficult to fault it at the price. One note to Morgan, would be nice to have a suitable case and screen protector available on the site, but this is really nit-picking as it took about half an hour to find one on the street.

Versus Tablet PC,
I recently bought this tablet as a gift for a relative who wanted a Kindle but now wish I had kept it for myself. A machine that combines e-reader, internet browser, 1000s of apps, movie player and camera for less than the price of the aforementioned e-reader has to be a bargain. Easy to set up and use with a clear screen...Ideal

Versus 7 Touchpad.,
Good ! Has plenty of features found on more expensive tablets. Good price, and plenty of room to "Tweak". I have half a dozen different types of computers, but still find myself drawn to this for fun. Makes an excellent e-Reader too. Applying a little knowledge really improves it's capabilities. If you look around you can find some very useful "Apps". The ability to add a 32GB micro SD card opens up a lot of extra uses....Good value...Recommended !..PS: The one hour delivery window is great.

Versus Touchpad 7,
The Versus Touchpad 7 is also my first Tablet - but I did my research! This machine rocks, and for the money I defy anyone to get a better deal. Pros Ice Cream Sandwich OS - excellent Skype/Webcam - very good quality 1Gb Memory, 8Gb Storage, additional microSD slot you can add up to 32Gb more = potential 40Gb of storage - excellent! iPlayer + Flash - not available on many Tablets and Smartphones HDMI - output to the telly! Cons (all quite minor in comparison) Very fidgety in use whilst on mains charger - best avoided (charges best by attaching the mini USB cable to a PC) Non standard charger socket - would prefer a micro USB (smartphone) socket WiFi not quite as stable as my HTC phone No Bluetooth No SIM (mobile phone) card slot Conclusion If you're looking for a budget tablet and with plenty of functionality at a great price, you've found it with the Versus Touchpad 7

I deliberated about spending £400+ on an IPad and thought that I would test the water by buying at the cheaper end of the I glad I did the versus touchpad does much more than i expected..set up was simple and the instruction manual easy to digest (especially as you dont have to wade through 16 foreign languages) I know there is a lot more I can do ...the preloaded aps are a good laptop is now gathering a bit of dust.....c'est la vie

Versus 7,
Like several customers, this is my first tablet. I couldn'd streach to a high-end device but I wanted to have play with cloud technology so when I found the Versus I thought I would give it a try. It's fantastic, I can play my downloaded video files on it and connect it to a TV via HDMI. Soon I'll try it on Office 356. Again I am fully satisfied with a purchase from Morgan's.

Excellent for the money,
This is an excellent machine for the price. The performance is great, plenty of good Apps already loaded,very nice to use. A longer power lead and slightly longer battery life on a charge would have made it five stars, but very highly recommended nonetheless.

A Bargain,
This tablet is at a very reasonable price and works well but some search engines better than others on it - no problem add and delete till you find the right one for you. Don't expect an iPad but it's a better size for carrying around and 1/3rd the price. Great for emails, Google +, Dropbox,etc plus games. 2 now in our family.

Versus Touchpad 7,
This is a superb product for the money. Had mine for over a week and it's been great. Some nice features, especially BBC iPlayer. Loads of pre-installed apps. Good build quality and quite excellent display. My 6 year old grandson grabbed it and wouldn't put it down. Looks like we'll need to order another for his birthday!

Excellent Buy!!!!,
I am really happy with this product. The functionalities and feature you get with this product for this price is amasing. I was planning to but a tablet for long and this was not a bad choice. I have already recommeded to atleast 10 friends in last 1 week. Go Friends Go for it.....

Just love my new tablet. Excellent value for money. Battery life if very good. Overall EXCELLENT & BRILLIANT Julie McDonnell - Manchester

It's brilliant.,
I only have one thing to say, IT'S BRILLIANT.

versus touchpad,
Well made and excellent value for the price. Recommended.

Nice piece of kit,
Great value for money and quick delivery. I'm very pleased with it. 

Great Start,
Ordered on Saturday-received Tuesday. Played with it. Impressed by the screen and software and general feel of the little machine. 

2nd time lucky,
 I am very impressed with this Tablet and I am compairing it with a 10" Android Arnova 10b G3 4Mb. Of the two the Touchpad 7 has a much better supply of Apps with Kindle and Google Play Store preinstalled both of which cannot be run on the Arnova. I would recommend this unit as it fits easily into your pocket and is very easy to use

Good Buy,
What a great little piece of kit! its my first tablet and great for the money, I didnt want an Ipad and this suits me down to the ground. Easy to operate and set up and once you start to have a play around on it, it becomes second nature. I only wanted it to surf the net whilst on the sofa or away on holiday, it doesn't have all the gizzmo's but for under £100 you cant complain. Bargin!!

Fantastic bit of kit !!!,
Purchased one of these tablets for the wife to use as a kindle replacement with abit more flexibility and I must say it is great value for money. The unit is well engineered, comes with some great apps already loaded , easy to set up and use as well as looking much more expensive than it is. We have 2 iPads in the house but this bit of kit is a very useful alternative, just missing bluetooth and more RAM which would make it exceptional.

Superb value,
As others have said, it may not be an iPad but it is less than £100 and what you get is way more than you might expect. It is a quality piece of kit and I have not been disappointed yet. Love flying X-Plane on it - so much better than my phone. Since we have WiFi at home (as do all our children in their homes) and the University where I work has full WiFi access all over the campus the Versus pad has been an absolute bargain. I love it!

Good value for money,
This is my first tablet ever and I was relieved to find it was so good for the price. Easy to set up and use , I had it online in five/ten minutes. The manual as usual was incomplete for a complete newbie but adequate for my needs once you had explored every menu item as it wasn't just as intuitive as I had initially thought. I'm already considrering buying another one as a birthday gift.

Not disappointed,
For the money - a steal. I have an iPad but this is pocket sized & handy to carry around. Looks & feels pretty classy. Top tip - the Kindle (with keyboard) case fits it almost perfectly).

Nice Buy ..,
Having had tablets from version 1.5 I felt that the Icecream Sandwich would be a tasty addition .... and I was right! I have subscribed to some magazines via Zinio and the hdmi output enabled a better view, imagine reading a magazine on a very large screen television!. I can recommend this to anyone.

A very good price,
If you were thinking of buying one of these rather than an iPad then you'll be disappointed. However, if you just want a bit of kit that does the job, then this is a good system at a very good price. The functionality isn't as slick as an iPad, but it's all there and works. At this price it's really a no-brainer - buy this.

Too good to be true?,
I cannot believe the features on this unit but as my old tab was getting quite long in the tooth & have always had good kit from Morgan I just had to see for myself 7 was not disappointed I have loaded all my apps and all work fine (I like the BBC News app this would not work on my old unit) the capacitive screen is great and the performance it quite fast. The only minor problem was having to be careful in inserting the tf card as there was a bit of space for it to go above the actual socket so look before you plug this in. but overall I recommend this unit

Great little device!,
I tried a number of these 7 inch devices a year or so ago and came to the conclusion that I could hold-fire on purchasing one for a while - I'm so glad I did. This is a really good little device and is easily up to the job of what I need it for - web, email, iPlayer - all the usual suspects. In addition, it can play the latest popular games downloaded from Google Play with ease! If you've been waiting, like me, for the right device to come along at the right price (and that can happily deal with flash content - CBEEBIES for my 3 year old!!) then this might just be the device for you! A good purchase so far!

Best I have seen for the money!,
Ordered one of these as a research tool for my business - I have an iPad and I wanted to see what Android had to offer. I already have a 10" Android - Hannspree Hannspad running an earlier version on Android, and it's pretty nasty. No android store and a crappy touch screen not resistive, but still nasty. First impressions of the Versus: Good weight for its size - feels well built and is shiny piano black with a quality feel. The screen is ok, pretty good viewing angle - between the Hanspree and the iPad. The touch is brilliant - I would dare to say it's nearly as good as the iPad. The HDMI out is a nice touch - simply plug it in to the telly and the whole screen is reproduced. Nice! As yet, I have not installed any apps or tried to connect to the store or tested the battery life in a real-world situation. But for those of you who are expecting yet another crummy sub- £100 tablet, I think you will be pleased. For the money, it is seriously worth a punt. (And this is from a dyed in the wool Apple fanboy!)

Top Notch!,
Don't hesitate because it seems to be too good to be true. I am still adding extra apps and personalising my tablet but I recommend it wholeheartedly. Comes with good brochure helping you to set it up. The build quality is excellent and it performs very well. It is an ideal size tablet and a real pleasure getting to work with it and know it. Top notch and top marks to Morgan. Perfect for yourself and also a perfect generous gift too.

Versus touchpad 7,
simple easy to use touchpad has all the usual apps you want on an android device with plenty more available to download and at a reasonable price

A great buy!,
This is my first tablet and I was a bit dubious having read some horror stories from people buying similat items elsewhere. However, I am delighted with it, it looks and feels good, the manual is comprehensive and easy to understand and it was up and running in minutes. OK, it is not an iPad but didn't cost what an iPad does and it does what I want and expected of it. A great buy.

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