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Kitvision 7 inch digital photo frame Black

Kitvision 7 inch digital photo frame Black
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Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame

The stylish Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame offers the ultimate way in sharing and reliving your most treasured memories.

You can slideshow your pictures, view fixed images, watch video clips and listen to music simply by inserting your supported memory card, USB or Flash Drive into the frame.

Your favourite photos can be viewed anytime, anywhere in the home. The Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame is completely self-sufficient and mains powered needing no access to a computer or laptop. This means the frame can be placed wherever you want to view your photos. It is lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it to your friends or relatives. Just plug it into a mains socket, and you have an instant slideshow to impress your loved ones with your latest holiday snaps or family photos.

The stylish Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame is made from a lightweight and hardwearing plastic finish and comes in variety of colours. For the more traditional décor, the Black or White frames will make an elegant addition to any side table or mantle piece. For a more contemporary room the Silver frame is ideal. Modern and striking, it will show off your photos and enhance your living space alike. Finally the Punk Pink frame is just the thing for a funky teenager or someone that really wants to make an impact.

The Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame supports JPEG image files up to 10 Megapixels and the 7 inch TFT active matrix LCD screen gives bright, clear results.


The Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame has been designed to make it flexible and simple for the user. The digital photo frame has a rotatable bracket that allows the frame to be set in landscape or portrait standing. If you have mixture of portrait and landscape photos there is an option to rotate and optimise the actual images during a slideshow.

A variety of input devices and memory cards are compatible with the Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame. Supported memory cards (not supplied) include; Secure Digital Card (SD) (mini and micro SD when used with an adapter), MultiMedia Card (MMC) and Memory Stick Cards (Pro/Duo/Pro Duo). USB input is available for Flash drives.

Group image of Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frames
Rotatable bracket for landscape or portrait viewing

Built-in Memory

You can store a collection of approximately 8-10 pictures on the frame’s 8MB built-in memory. This means you can enjoy all your photos without having to keep them on your memory card. Alternatively you can save images from friends or family’s memory card for future viewing. It’s easy to do. Whilst viewing the images, follow the menu to save the pictures to the internal memory. The internal memory can then be accessed from the main menu for future viewing.

Easy to Use

Designed with simplicity in mind, using the Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame couldn’t be easier. Insert your memory card/USB drive, facing towards the screen, into the appropriate slot. Turn on the power and your photos will appear and will automatically start to display on a slideshow.

Easily accessible control buttons allow you to pause the slideshow or make adjustments to how the images are displayed. A straightforward menu takes you through the process of adjusting the display of your images.

Image Display: You can view the original image or see cropped or stretched images. Cropped or stretched images improve the appearance of pictures that don’t fit the aspect ratio of the photo frame by removing the “letterbox” black borders that can distract from the photo.

Slideshow Effect: Options to adjust the transition between images during the slideshow are available. Split horizontal in, Split horizontal out, Jalousie, Split vertical in, Split vertical out, Radiation, Surround and Fade are just a selection of the available transitions. Each one giving an exciting and slightly different effect – try them all, pick your favourite, or choose ’random’ to experience a variety of effects.

Slideshow Interval: This option allows you to choose how quickly you wish the slideshow to cycle through the pictures: Fast will change your photo every 4 seconds, ‘Normal’ will change your photo every 10 seconds and ‘Slow’ will change your photo every 60 seconds.

Contrast: Allows the contrast of the images to be adjusted.

Colour: Allows the colour intensity of the images to be adjusted.

Language: Choose to display text in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or Russian.

Delete file: If you have a saved photo on your memory card or on your flash device that you no longer want, you can delete it through your Frame. You can also delete files that you have saved to the Frame’s internal memory in the same way (you can store 8-10 photos on the Frame’s internal memory).

Reset: This setting will restore the frame to the factory defaults.

Photo Options

Save Picture: This option allows you to save a photo to the internal memory of the frame. Select yes or no by using the left and right buttons (up and down respectively) and press the play/pause button to confirm your choice.

Zoom: You have the options to zoom into your photo x2, x4 and x8.

Rotate: This allows you to change to orientation of your photo. For example, if you have taken a portrait style photo, but have the Frame set up landscape, you can rotate your photo so that it is easy to see on the screen by selecting this option.


  • Screen Size: Bright 7” TFT active matrix LCD screen
  • Product height: 165mm
  • Product width: 230mm
  • Product depth: 30mm
  • Resolution: 480 X 234

*Items are supplied without RetailBox/Packaging*

Customer Reviews
This unit arrived very soon after placing my order, well packaged and in good condition. The images are suprisingly good considering the low price, and the unit is slimline and simple to operate. Copying jpeg images from a computer was initially unsuccessful, but it appeared some cards require a formatting procedure before loading the images. With the card/USB stick inserted the images are found and displayed as soon as the unit is switched on. This is my first purchase from Morgans, I wish I'd used them sooner.

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