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Somertek Bluetooth usb dongle

Somertek Bluetooth usb dongle
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Compact Bluetooth connectivity.

A truly small and compact Bluetooth Wireless USB adapter for Phone, PDA, Notebook and the rest of your digital life. The new Dynamode BT-USB-M2 breaks the unadventurous design of competing Bluetooth adapters by offering most of the host electronics within the confines of the actual USB connector! Result _ a Bluetooth adapter which can be left permanently plugged into a Notebook's USB Port, while in its Notebook bag, or moving from office to office without fear of the device becoming unplugged or damaged.

Fully Bluetooth Version 2.00 compliant for simultaneous connections to other Bluetooth devices and a high-powered Class-1 100 metre range using a data transmission of up to 3Mbps coupled with extensive Wireless security. Ideal for Bluetooth PAN (personal area networking), VoIP applications, data transfer and Fax/Dialup applications, the new Dynamode BT-USB-M2 breaks the convention in discrete Bluetooth connectivity.

Advanced features

- Compact design _ slightly larger than a USB plug
- Up to 3Mbps Bluetooth data speeds
- Bluetooth v2.0 and v1.2 compliant
- Class-1 compliant _ up to 100 metre range*
- CSR low power Processor
- USB2.0 Interface _ Plug 'n' Play
- Ideal for Phone, PDA, Notebook and Printer
- Bundled Bluesoleil Utilities for easy connection
- Supports VoIP, Data, Dial-Up/Fax and Headsets
- Compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7(currently testing) and MAC OS X (10.5.x) or higher**
-CE and FC compliant

* Subject to environmental factors
** Separate Drivers maybe required

Download Blue soleil software from here

Stock status

12 months

Customer Reviews
Excellent Micro Product that really does the job,
When I bought this product, I didn't know what to expect. To my surprise, it's a simple but extemely effective product. I now use it to maintain my mobility and flexibility whilst working in my office

Somertek USB Dongle,
Tiny, easy PnP setup. Bluetooth range very good and all the other bluetooth devices discovered with no problems.

Says what it does on the tin!,
Fitted this to my PC running Vista. No problems being recognised by software, & running basic functionality with my Nokia & Nexus 7 in next to no time. Exchanging images between my PC & Nexus proving bit more problematic, but I think this is more problem with software drivers in general, rather than any reflection on hardware itself.

I got rid of wires,
I have used this dongle to connect my laptop to my telescope outside my house with a BT serial adapter this cuts out wires that can be tripped over in the dark I leave it plugged in all the time so I cannot lose it works fine.

Second Batch and STILL perfect,
After searching the net for Class A dongles, I was told about Morgan Computers and decided to try these Blu-tooth dongles. WE first ordered 10 and they pretty much arrived within 2 days. Due to the nature of our work we required these to transmit at the very least 20m through walls and other obstacles. Most other dongles have failed exponentially due to false claims about being Class A. These however do exactly what they say. They literally plug and play with ZERO "faffing" around. Great product and excellent service, every time.

After reading the reviews on this page I decided to purchase this and hoped it was as easy as everyone said. I wasn't disappointed. Quick and simple to install and easy to sync with my phone. I can now transfer my pics in seconds and I feel very chuffed with myself for finding this! Great price too!

absolutely brilliant!!!

Useful gadget,
Works okay on kubuntu.

USB Bluetooth,
I thought it would be a good idea to bring my home XP3 PC to the state that it could read my Nokia phone (also ancient) which was normally synchronised with my more modern Samsung Net-book and I am delighted with the results. Great product.

Micro Bluetooth magic,
Bought 1 of these a while ago for my work laptop, and it did the biz 100%. So much so that I've bought 4 more ! 1 for my home laptop, 1 for my partners laptop, 1 for my daughters laptop, and one as a spare to give as a present. So tiny yet so perfect, you'd hardly know it was there. Download the software from here though....its simple to install.

This dongle works very well on my XP computer, using the drivers mentioned in other reviews. It also drivers on Unibtu linux. 

Easy to use on XP and Linux...and compact,
Bought ten of these for driving robots at school (actually, Morgan delivered nine...might chase that up). As the picture shows, this dongle hardly sticks out of the USB port at all and its curved shape further ensures it is not going to get knocked out. The Dynamode BlueSoleil software works fine with Windows XP but is unnecessary for the latest version of Ubuntu Linux as it runs the dongle itself. Just start things up by going to the system settings window and selecting the bluetooth app. Finally, what a price. I've seen worse-designed bluetooth dongles for ten times the amount.

Mini Bluetooth Dongle Win XP/Ubuntu,
Works very well and nearly invisible (careful you don''''t lose it!). Jonathan at Morgan''''s tracked down a driver on the Dynamode website and thanks to him it works on XP and Ubuntu Linux. Excellent...
Micro magic,
I can''t believe that something so small works so well. This minute device is a absolute must for those of you without bluetooth connectivity as you hardly know it''s there. Just plug it in and away you go.

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